Thank you for choosing the e-check option! Were excited to have you on board of our new lighting fast payment method! This method is faster then credit card option because credit cards take 3 days to process while this method processes the check immediately or same business day which means your order will ship out even faster! A Bank account & routing number will be required. Prepaid Banks are accepted.

No need to manually make a check, this is a check 22 service meaning it will digitally create a payable check from your bank account automatically and will be charged same day. All you need to do is electronically sign a digital signature & confirm it via text or email with our check processor & your bank will be charged automatically or within same day. if you dont receive the email from please make sure to check your spam folder & mark it as not spam, this part is crucial since gmail is so strict.

The Digital check is created automatically on a SSL secured gateway by a reputable check vendor who uses advanced encryption technology to ensure your Data is protected. After your first order the system will automatically store your info & subscribe you for all future orders for quicker checkout.

To make payment please click on the PAY NOW button below and follow the simple instructions. type in your cell phone number, purchase amount, order # & description of goods & proceed to type in your bank details. when writing description of goods dont mention anything related to herbal incense on the description as it will be copied on to the actual check or else it will be cancelled, you can write the order # instead. if this option isnt right for you you can send us a money order please email or text us stating you would like to pay via money order & we will guide you.